Sunday, April 1, 2012

FAL - First Quarter Report

If you go back to my January post you will find my list for the first quarter goals.


Three rag quilts. They were donated to local hospital gift shop.

Three baby quilts.

Only one goal was not met. #5 Building House Blocks. I am very please with my accomplishments. I got all the quilts done that I really wanted to do. All quilts have been delivered except one. The Max and Whiskers jelly roll quilt will be deliver in April.

Let's go over to Quilter in the Gap and see how everyone else did in the first quarter.

I am working on my list for the Second Quarter. So be watching because I will post it soon.

Happy "Sewing" Day.



  1. Wow, you've got so many awesome finishes, I can't even pick a favorite. Great colors on all of them.

    I hadn't thought about donating quilts to a hospital gift shop. Do they sell them there?

  2. Hey, I followed a link from Shannon at NuNu's Quilt World and am enjoying reading through some of your blog posts. I love your rag quilts and you reminded me I need to add this to my list of quilts to try sometime.