Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Linky Party

 It seems like time is flying by.  This morning I woke up to snow.  I really don't like cold weather and snow. In 11 days my daughter is getting married and it seems we still have 101 things to do.

 With that said I haven't had much time to sew.  I did finish this quilt to give to the hospital gift shop.  I gave it to them on Friday and when I volunteered on Monday it was gone. It is amazing what you can create with a few scraps left from other quilt projects.  I really can't sew fast enough to make sure they have quilts to sell.  I believe this is #9 donation for this year.

Some excited mail came a week ago. Julie at "The Intrepid Thread" had a 600th post giveaway and I WON. There are 18 fat quarters of Avignon.   I have picked out a pattern for these beautiful fat quarters.  Now if I just could find the time to sew.  Go over to Julie's and check out her shop.  This is a great place to shop for fabric.  Thanks Julie.  I love the colors.

I am going to link up with Freemotion by the River before I go back to work on the list of 101 things yet to do.

Happy Sewing.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Charity Quilting

I have been doing charity quilts for about five years.  I wanted to give back and this is one way I can give back.  I first started with an online group called Charlotte's Garden.  We made quilts for serious ill children and adults.  They had Caringbridge sites so you could keep up with their progress.  They knew someone was making them a quilt and we tried to made the quilt with fabrics they might like.  I  added prayer ties to each quilt.
  My favorite pattern I used for the prayer quilts is Warm Wishes from Quiltmaker magazine.    Warm Wishes goes together very  quickly when you need a quilt.  The unfortunate thing is the online group is no longer active.  I still make prayer quilts but mostly for my friends and family.

Then I found Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  I make quilts for her Hands2Help projects.
H2H Quilt
have made some QOV quilts.  


I also made a bookkeeper for a lady going through chemo.

As I continue to read blogs I heard of Phoenix Quilts.  Phoenix Quilts are giving people quilts who have lost their homes due to fires.  There have been almost 1000 homes  destroyed by fires.  They are touching many who is going through a terrible time and I wanted to help.  Please go to Phoenix Quilts and see how you can help.

I also make Beads of Courage Bags for children's hospital.  These bags are for children going through cancer treatment.  Each bead they receive tell a story of strength, honor and hope.  This is another charity group who could use lots of help.  The first 10 bags I gave were given to the children the day I gave them.

I pray for each receiver as I sew.  Sometimes I know their name and sometime I don't.  I also pray my gifts bring them joy, warmth, love, and comfort.
As you know we can never sew enough quilts and bead bags for all the needs there are.
I found this quote a long time ago and I hope this what my quilty hugs bring to the receiver.
"If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you it's beauty
on the days your feeling blue."

You can say my passion is charity quilting.  What is your passion?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Third Quarter FAL

As I look back at my 3rd quarter FAL list I wonder how have I done.  I see there were 7 projects on the list.
1.  table runners - done

2. 50th Anniversary Quilt - done

3. Rag Quilt - done

4. Jelly Roll Quilts - 1 top done

6. Charm Squares Tablecloth  - done

The only project that didn't get completed was one jelly roll quilt top.  I almost finished it.  It only needs the last border.  I am pleased with my success.  I am linking up Quilter In the Gap Finish A Long Party.  Check it out to see how everyone else did.
Keep Sewing.