Friday, February 5, 2016

Scraps Update and Browns

Do you remember when I said my plans are to sew all my little 1.5" squares?  The basket looked like this when I decided to conquer the squares.
And now the basket looks like this.
Now before you get too excited no I haven't sewn all the little squares and I didn't throw the squares in the trash.  I have clipped all the squares together to make the blocks.
  I have sewn over 40 16-patch blocks and I have over 40 blocks yet to be sewn.  
I am pleased with my progress.  The basket has been removed from my sewing room.  Hopefully by the end February all 16-patch blocks will be done.

February brings the color brown for the rainbow color of the month.  I have made some brown  patch star blocks.
I was wondering if little star blocks would go with the patch blocks.  These star blocks are 4.5".  I will continue to make them.
I did a test block for the Amish quilt.  I wanted to make sure my block was the correct size when sewn.   

If you want to see more Browns go to Angela's and be inspired.