Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last One

One last quilt for the year.

This baby quilt is finished and delivered to the new mom and dad.

May you have a wonderful New Year.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finishes for 2011

This fabric basket was a gift for a friend of mine. Julie has been very kind and helpful to me this past year. There is a great tutorial over at Pink Penguin to make this cute basket. These baskets are quick and easy to make.

These are the three quilts I made for Christmas gifts.

My project for the rest of 2011 is to clean my sewing room. I am cutting squares to make rag quilts. These quilt squares will be baby charity quilts.

As I look forward to the new year I am making my list of already committed projects to do. I will post that list later. If you visit Sharon at Vroomans Quilts you can find new things to do for the coming year. I probably will be adding some of these ideas to my list. What is on your list for 2012?


Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1

I decided I would link up at Lily's Quilts for at the Small Blog Meets. Here are my accomplishments for November. The first one is a Christmas gift, second quilt is a prayer quilt, and the thrird quilt was a wedding gift.

If you are visiting my blog for the first time please look around and leave me a comment.


Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday Shopping

You need to understand I hate shopping, crowds, and early mornings. But when I received an email from one of my favorite quilt shops that they were having a Black Friday Sale of 40% off I really gave this a lot of thought. Ok so I decided I could drive 1 & 1/2 hours one way for 40% off and I didn't even have to get up early. This shop doesn't open up until 10AM. My husband went with me and was I surprised when we pulled into the parking lot. Only 4 cars in the parking lot at 10AM. I knew what I wanted so in 15 minutes I had purchased my fabric and was ready to leave. I think this is a first for me to only be in a quilt shop 15 minutes. I am going to do a online New Year's Eve mystery and I need some fabric to go with the jelly roll. The beige will be the background fabric and the red is the pop color.

The next stop was lunch and then home. I can handle this kind of Black Friday shopping.

Here is what I have been working on this week. This back for the I Spy baby quilt.

I am working on this quilt for a Christmas gift. I had lots of squares left from another quilt like this so I decide to make another one. I just need to put the borders on it. The outside border will be purple like the cornerstones.

Before I go back to working on this quilt I think I will stop over at Sarah's to see what everyone else is up to this week-end.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wild Wednesday

I have been busy finishing up a couple of quilts. This red and black quilt is a wedding gift for this week-end. I made a heart label and appliqued it on the back but you can see the outline of the heart on the front. I used red and black flannel for the backing. I hope the young couple will enjoy their quilt.

Last Monday I received an email and subject line said: "difficult news". When you see that subject line you know the news is not good. As I read the email I learn a staff member in the school district I work for has advanced cancer. This is not the first time she has had to deal with cancer. Diane started chemo a week ago. My first thought was I need to do something for Diane. I know a prayer quilt. I stopped working on the wedding quilt to make a prayer quilt. In four days the quilt was finished. I had the privilege of giving the quit to her. I added many prayer ties for her family and friends to say a prayer for her as she fights cancer again.

I always wonder if I am doing enough for others. Then I remember this poem.

Starfish Poem
Author: Unknown

Once upon a time there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. One day he was walking along the shore. As he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn't dancing, but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer he called out, "Good morning! What are you doing?" The young man paused, looked up and replied, "Throwing starfish in the ocean." "I guess I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?" "The sun is up and the tide is going out. And if I don't throw them in they'll die." "But, young man, don't you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can't possibly make a difference!" The young man listened politely. Then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean, past the breaking waves and said - "It made a difference for that one."

I know this quilt made a difference to Diane.

May the prayers bring Diane peace and comfort.

I have been sewing on my "I Spy" block swap blocks that I received. Here is a baby quilt for a girl.

The wild part of my Wednesday was work. Do you ever not get anything accomplished that you set out to do in a day? Well that was my Wednesday today.

At least my sewing the last couple of weeks has been successful.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busy Week

Here are the quilts I have been working on this week.

1. Finished the borders on the Red, White, and Blue quilt.

2. Finished the top. It needs to be quilted. It is a wedding gift that needs to be finished soon.

3. Finished sewing blocks together and put the border on this quilt. It will be given to Tonya's friend when finished. I have enough blocks to make another quilt like this one.

The pattern was inspired by Diane at dewquilting. Please take time to go and be inspired by Diane. Thank you Diane for this fun pattern.

Why don't you venture over to at Sarah's to see what everyone else has been doing this week.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

I See Stars

Are they in the sky at night? Are they star light or star bright?

Or are they waving?

Are they red, white and blue?


They are a Christmas gift that still needs borders.

Thanks to my friend Miki this quilt will sparkle. Go over to Miki's Fabric Creations and see her quilt pattern that I used.

Do you see stars?


Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Spy Swap

This I Spy Quilt went to one of my daughter's students. He held onto so no one else would take it away from him.

I have joined Sandra's I Spy Swap. Here are some of the fabrics I will be sending to Sandra. Why don't you go over to Sew In Peace and join in the fun. I am sure there is room for more. This is my newest addition to my sewing room. I had this storage cabinet made. We just picked this up in Amish country today. I love it!

Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather. The leaves were beautiful driving to Amish country.


Friday, September 23, 2011

100 Quilts For Kids

Today is the day to link up to 100 Quilts for Kids Quilt Along. Kate has issued a challenge to make quilts for kids. She posted this fun pattern called Storytime Squares Quilt Pattern by Rae Hoekstra from Made By Rae. Check out Rae website if you want the pattern.

Here is my Quilt for Kids using the Storytime Squares Quilt Pattern. My quilt is an I Spy Quilt. This quilt will be sent to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It is a wonderful hospital. My daughter was a patient there 11 years ago.

Go to Swim, Bike, Quilt website and see what everyone else is making for 100 Quilts for Kids.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Do you ever feel like you are not getting anything done? I saw this sign that says "I am so far behind I think I am in first place". I feel like this turtle. He doesn't ever move. Maybe he doesn't move because he is a night light. He was purchase on a trip and he has very special memories. Hopefully he can light the way for me to do some more sewing. He needs a name. Do you have a suggestion for his name?

I did manage to finish the binding on this prayer quilt. I have a friend who is going to have cancer surgery next week and this quilt is for her. It will be delivered to her next week. Don't you just love the Warm Wishes pattern?

I think I will go over to Sarah's to check on what everyone else has been working on this week.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday - September 5, 2011

On my design wall is this Christmas gift for my husband. Shh! Don't tell him about the quilt.

Can you tell he is a OSU Buckeye Fan?

Have you seen the 100 Quilts for Kids Quilt Along? How about joining me in participating in the 100 Quilts for Kids. My quilt will be sent to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I have my fabric all picked out so ready, set and sew.

Let's go over to Judy's at Patchwork Times to see what everyone else is working on.


Friday, August 26, 2011


It seems that four letter words keep interrupting my sewing. One four letter word is “WORK”. This week I have worked almost 60 hours in 5 days. I am not sure if I will go to work on Saturday and Sunday but I really need to. I don’t see an end to these 12 hour days for quite awhile. I just love the first week of school. NOT! It is no fun getting up at 3:30am unless you can look outside and see it snowing and know that school will be canceled.

It took me two weeks just to find time to sew the label on this sudoku quilt. I gave it to a wonderful friend of mine today. We have been friends forever and I thought she might like something special from me.

Forever Friends Are the Best!

I did finish this table topper tonight. It is a wedding gift that I need for tomorrow. There is nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Another four letter word is “CORN”. Ten dozen ears of corn to be exact. Looks like tomorrow will be freezing corn instead of sewing quilts.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wind turbines

Last week-end we were driving to Amish country and off in a distance we saw many wind turbines. On the way home we decided we would drive closer to the turbines to get a better look. They were awesome! I had never seen so many. We really didn't know where these turbines were located because we never found a town. I have done some googling online and found out they are only an hour from my home. We just might have to make another trip to see them. According to the newspaper there will be over 300 of them.

Last week I also delivered this prayer quilt to a friend of mine who is going through chemo. If you look close you can see the prayer ties on the quilt. My friend was going to have a very routine test and they found cancer.

She loved it.

It is amazing what you can do with a simple honey bun.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Can Be A Puzzle

Has your life ever been a puzzle? You know where the pieces just don't fit together no matter how you turn the pieces? I have a great friend whose life is like that at the moment. I decided she needed a quilt. What better quilt pattern to make than Sudoku.

The baby heart quilt is finished. All 40 hearts are done. The quilt was mailed today. I hope my niece likes it.

Here is the quilt I made at retreat for my daughter for Christmas.

Shh! Don't tell!

"Be Attitudes"

This is two of the blocks of "Be Attitudes". There are 12 blocks. I definitely was grateful when the applique pieces was on the blocks. There is still many hours of work to finish them.

You can see retreat was very productive. Great friends, good food, and a power outage. I can't wait to do again next year.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Whoop Whoop Friday

Quilt Retreat - Quilt Retreat!!!!

I have my car packed, lots of projects and ready to sew all week-end. I hope to have lots of pictures to show next week.

I am still working on this baby quilt. I have about 10 more hearts to do. I need to get this finished because baby Marian has arrived.

I am out of here.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hands2Help Quits Finished

Back in April 2011 I found Sarah's blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict and her H2H Challenge. I decided this would be a fun and rewarding challenge. My swap partner Shannon sent very fun fabrics to make these two great quilts. Thanks Shannon.

Quilt #1 is Happy Butterflies.

Here is a picture of the back of quilt #1.

Quilt #2 is Silly Monsters.

Here is the back of quilt #2.

The quilts will soon be on there way to Judi and Clint over at Green Fairy Quilts. Clint will be taking these H2H quilts to Romania. You should check out last year's quilts. Thanks Judi and Clint.

I wonder what everyone else has been doing. Let's stop over at Sarah's and see.

Blessings, Karen

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Please remember the men and women in the military as you celebrate the fourth of July.

Kansas Trouble Block Swap - LBC

This month's winner requested tans, green & purple.

Here are all my mini charm 4-patches. I just need to finish putting hearts in all the solid blocks. One heart done and many more to go.

I hope everyone has booming week-end. I wonder what is happening over at Sarah's.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

H2H Challenge Sunday

Today is Hands 2 Help charity quilt challenge check-in. My partner Shannon and I decided we would swap two sets of fabric. The first set of fabric Shannon sent has bright yellow butterflies on it. I used the butterflies for the center blocks. This quilt is finished. Here are pictures of the front and back.

Butterfly Happiness Quilt

Butterfly Happiness Blocks

You can see the back of the quilt on the left. It is a yellow background with blue flowers.

The second set of fabric Shannon sent to me has silly monsters on it. I have the top completed.

Silly Monsters Quilt

Here is a close up picture of the monsters. Aren't they cute?

I am going over to Sarah's to check the progress of H2H challenge charity quilts.