Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Update

I keep seeing pictures of the jelly roll 1600 quilt. How difficult could it be? I watched the you tube video and read the instructions and decided today was the day I was making a jelly roll quilt. I had a Max & Whiskers jelly roll and I need a baby quilt for a boy. It was quick, easy and fun.

I also was looking back at my 2012 Finish-A-Long List.
Number 1 & 2 are completed.
Number 3 needs the binding sewn down.

Number 3 is Rag Quilts. Here are two more for a total of 3.

Number 5 - No Houses Sewn.

Number 6 - 3 baby quilt to make. The Jelly Roll quilt is one, I have another one ready to quilt, and third one is not started.

I think I am progressing nicely on my list.



  1. Oh I did my first jelly roll 1600 quilt not too long ago and was amazed how easy and fast it was. Your's looks great.

  2. Looks great! I have a jelly roll that I may just have to get out and play around with...

  3. I have done some jelly roll quilts and liked how they turned out. Your's looks fantastic!! Love the Max and Whiskers jelly roll!

  4. You are progressing nicely! Your 1600 quilt is really cute - they are so easy, aren't they? And your rag quilts are very nice... whoop whoop!!

  5. Nice!! The jelly roll quilt is quick and fun huh?