Thursday, May 17, 2018

H2H Finish

Every year I participate in Confessions of a Fabric Addict Hand2Help charity challenge.  This year I decided I wanted it to be a scrappy challenge for me.  Temecula Quilt Company was having a Scrappy Snowball Sew Along that was going to be perfect for this challenge.  I didn’t get my quilt finished in the three months of the sew along but it is finished in time for my H2H quilt.
This year I donate my quilt to a local cancer center.

I have been busy quilting.  I have made three graduation quilts, three birthday quilts and a charity quilt for Layers of Hope Quilting 911.

Graduation Quilt #1
Graduation quilt #2
Graduation quilt #3
Birthday quilt #1
Birthday quilt #2
Birthday quilt #3
Layers Of Hope Quilting 911

Now I need to finish a retirement quilt.  It will be a friendship star quilt.  One block finished and 34 more to go.


  1. I really like the heart quilt, especially with the dark background. All the the quilts are beautiful and will be loved. congrats on 8 finished quilts...

  2. What a quilt show! The Hunter's Star is beyond amazing; they are all really works of art!

  3. You've been busy!! Great looking quilts.

  4. Gorgeous quilts, love the variety that colour brings to shapes. Just lovely.

  5. Thanks for participating in H2H! I really like your snowball quilt. It's cheerful and fun! :)

  6. You certainly have been busy! I like your snowball quilt and think you certainly met the scrappy challenge. :-)

  7. Love all of your quilts. You must never sleep. Your scrappy snowball is just wonderful.

  8. Thanks for participating in H2H, and for searching out a local charity in need of a quilt-y hug! PS love seeing your SuperNova quilts!!

  9. Beautiful quilts. You have been one busy quilter!

  10. Wow! So many pretty quilts. Great job. You had left a comment on my blog about the header quilt - it is a scrappy Birds in the Air block. I made mine as 6 inch blocks with the RSC Challenge a few years ago - making 12 scrappy ones in a color each month. I used the patter from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler book...but I am sure it is online for free as well. Good luck.

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