Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rainbow Blocks and More

I have been trying to keep up with the Angela's Scrap Rainbow Challenge color of the month.    These are the most recent blocks I have made for the challenge.
My string basket is even getting smaller but I am sure that won't last long.  I have a couple more string quilts I hope to show you soon.
  I now have lots of star blocks.  I think it is time to see if I have enough for a quilt.

A couple of finished quilts
Both of this quilts will go to a charity.
Even the lily in my pond knows Pink is this momth's rainbow color.

United We Stand
Here is an opportunity for quilter's to do something positive for the Dallas Police Department tragedy.    If you think you would like to make a block please know the blocks need to be in the mail by July 22nd.
My block is going in the mail tomorrow.
Thank you Martelli for caring for others.


  1. Great, colorful scrappy blocks! Love the lime and teal & lime & pink together!

  2. Very pretty scrappy blocks! I look forward to seeing them placed into quilts! They will be gorgeous!

  3. Two types of Star blocks, two sizes of String blocks, AND two completed quilts?! Someone has been BUSY!!!

  4. Love your colorful blocks, and that Lily certainly did fit in well!

  5. The new blocks are great and the two finished tops are fantastic! Thanks for the link to the Dallas police blocks.

  6. Your rainbow blocks and the quilts look great.

  7. The pink blocks make me so happy! I like your finished quilts too, and thanks for the link to the effort for the police department.

  8. Your stars and strings are WONDERFUL!!!

  9. Look at all your pretty scraps!! I have been sewing patriotic 16 patches to try those star blocks - I like them!!!

  10. Very pretty scrappy blocks! I look forward to seeing them placed into quilts! They will be gorgeous!


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