Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Few More Blues

The scrappy blue rainbow color is coming to an end for January.  I have made a few string blocks.
As I was sewing string blocks I got to wondering how a string block would look as a star block.
I like it.  I think it will look nice with my patch star blocks.
No more blues for me.  I will be checking over at Angela's soscrappy to find out what rainbow color will be February.

I have been sewing blocks for an Amish Quilt With a Twist II.
This is block #11.  Blocks 12 are log cabin blocks and there are lots of them to make.  Hopefully one day my blocks will look like this quilt.


  1. Good use of your blue scraps. I really like the star block. Enjoy working with the color brown

  2. Those String Blocks will make a GREAT quilt... with or without the other colors of the rainbow!!

  3. Wow, ambitious and beautiful! You can do it!

  4. Fun scrappy blocks! And your plans for the Nancy Rink quilt sound wonderful!

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