Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Update

My life has been crazy.  I have been extremely busy at work.  New software programs to learn, an audit this coming week to get ready for, and the last few days of school for students.  So I decide it was time for:

Sharon at Vroomans Quilts posted about May For Me.  It is about spending "ME TIME" and I really need this.  I used to walk everyday no matter what the weather was.  Over the years I stopped walking but not any more.  I have walked everyday but one since April 27.  Thanks for the motivation  Marcia & Sharon

Rainbow Blocks Update
I have finished my "Green" I Spy Quilt except the binding.

Here are my "Blue"  D4P blocks.

I am trying to catch up with the other colors of pink, purple and orange for my rainbow quilt.  I do have a problem because this is the only orange and purple scraps I have.  Hopefully before the year is over I can have some more orange and purple to make blocks.
Happy Sewing.


  1. Can't help but LOVE your I SPY quilt. It's going to be a good, blue fabric month :D

  2. Love the I Spy quilt and the disappearing 4-patch is going to make for a fun rainbow quilt. Good for you in taking the ME time to walk.

  3. Good for you - taking time for you is very important! And walking is so very good :*) Love your blue D9P blocks!!!

  4. You have some beautiful fabric. Can't wait to see your D4P when it's finished. Awesome I spy quilt too!

  5. Oh, that's the cutest I Spy! One of these days I'm going to have to make a D4P. I need to get back to walking too. Just can't get motivated to walk after a 10 hr work day but my sit down job has added pounds after all these years!!!!

  6. What size of scraps do you need for your D9P blocks? If you want, I would be happy to send you a few scraps!