Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of May For Me

I plan to continue doing May For Me things.  As I spend the time walking I wonder about the residents where I walk.  As you can see it is a very peaceful place.

Some residents I remember very well and miss.  Some residents I don't know anything about them. 
I even found my name on one tombstone.   But she was older than I am.
It was nice to see they have been remembered by someone who misses them.
I take my Ipod with me and the residents don't mind if I sing.
It is a very pretty cemetery.
Thanks Marcia for hosting May For Me Celebration.


  1. must have been a shock to see your name there! my dad always checks the local paper and says ... not in this week so must be OK!! LOL x

  2. Many many years ago when I was a jogger I ran in a cemetery, it was so beautiful. I am intrigued by the really old cemeteries, and the old headstones - make me wonder.