Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Queen Bee" Quilt

I finished this retirement quilt for a coworker.  She has been a cook for 35 years for the school district that I work at.  I made this jelly roll quilt in our school colors.  There are bees in the yellow fabric and our mascot is Yellow Jackets.  Every time she saw one of the quilts I made she liked them so now she will have her very own quilt.  We made a special "Queen Bee" label and all the cooks signed their name on the label.

 I even finished it a week before her retirement party. 
 I think that deserves a "Whoop, Whoop".

Hope you have a sewing day.



  1. Congrats! I'm sure she'll love it and remember the good times when she sees it.

  2. Yes it certainly does deserve a Whoop Whoop. Very nice.

  3. It definitely deserves a whoop whoop, both because it's gorgeous and because you finished it early!! Whoop whoop!!!