Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reds, Piggy Bank, and More

This little sweetheart was visiting grandma for a week and now she has went home.  We went to the zoo.  We also taught her to like pumpkin blossoms.  

I have fallen off the Rainbow challenge.  Over at SOSCRAPPY there is a monthly rainbow challenge and July is RED.  I have made one block with some red and a pillowcase with some red.  I don't know if that really counts for red in July but I am going to link up.

Val's Quilting Studio is having a piggy bank saving challenge.  Now I don't have a pretty piggy bank but I decide to join in.  I always save change.  So first thing I did was count what I had in the jar.  I am going to buy rotary blades, 505 spray, and thread with my savings.
 There was $88.00 in the jar.

This is the change I am starting with.

I am working on this quilt for a young girl who will be a doctor in August.
 I also made a taggie blanket.  It is for a little brother of the two who will receive the pillowcases.
Have a great week.


  1. You have been busy, especially with a visiting grandchild! The pillowcases are adorable - wonderful fabrics! Your pinwheel block is cute, too. I like the fabric/color combo! I did not know about the piggy bank savings challenge, but I'm about to go check it out. Thanks sharing!

  2. Love those pillow cases and the taggy. Anything can be a piggy bank, it's more about the saving than the look.

  3. Hi Karen! I love your piggy bank and wanted to let ya know you are definitely on the list of participants! Thanks for joining the challenge. It's going to be fun to see how much everyone saves!

    1. Karen due to popular request, I extended the linky until July stop by and link up your post to the challenge!

  4. Now that's a taggie! Love the Dr. blankie. If anybody deserves a blankie, it's a new Dr. Tell her Congratulations from me.

  5. Sweet baby girl. What a joy she must be!! If I could save change, I'd save a fortune up here in Canada! They use coins for one and two dollars! (Loonies and Toonies) They accumulate quickly because they are too heavy to carry and get dumped into a jar almost immediately.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Angelaathome. I am gald you like Miss Piggy. She will hold little something and if there is any over flow I have Mr Rudolph to drop change in.
    Wow you have a great start with 88.00. Love that taggie blanket. New follower. :)

  7. Of course the red counts on the pillowcases! Those are precious- monster trucks and owls, so cute.

  8. What cute projects! Love those fabrics : )

  9. I'm checking in from the piggy bank challenge so I'll talk about that first. You are so lucky to have been saving ahead of time, so now you get to spend before the challenge even starts! Very interesting jar shape. You have had a wonderful time with your pretty granddaughter, I bet! And accomplished lots of wonderful sewing.

  10. The taggie blanket is adorable. You can't go wrong with giraffes.