Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rainbow Blocks

Pink is February's color for the 2014 rainbow challenge.   I have decided I can do Get Your Mrs. Claus On Project.  If I can make a rainbow doll quilt each month I will have many quilts.  Here is the start to a pink doll quilt.  I still have lots blocks to make.  I may not get one made each month but I will be pleased if I can get a few made.
Bow tie blocks

I need your help with my blue blocks.  Tell me if you like the top border or should I take it off .  I would like to give this quilt to Quilt of Valor but I need to make it larger and I don't know what kind of borders to add to the blocks.   With the red border the quilt is 32x32.  I look forward to your suggestions.

I hope you hop on over to the Rainbow 2104 challenge and finds lots of pretty pink blocks and lots of inspiration.



  1. Making a rainbow doll quilt each month is a great idea. I like the border. I don't know how large you want to go with this one, but if a mini I would add a similar to the bottom and call it done.

  2. I like your idea too and Sharon's suggestion is great.

  3. Cute little pink blocks! I don't know if the blue quilt needs that border... Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. Pretty pink blocks. Making a doll quilt each month is a great idea.

    I like the new border, it makes a nice frame.

  5. I think it's admirable of you to do all this to give away and the doll quilt is going to be very pretty. Good luck with all the other doll quilts.
    Maybe the valor quilt needs a simpler border; the one you've tried seems rather complex for such an uncomplicated centre design. Perhaps you could try laying a strip of white and then a wider strip of red around the centre and see how that works. But maybe you tried that already.
    Whatever you decide the recipient is sure to be glad to receive it.

  6. I agree with Marly, and so sweet of you to think of our servicemen! I recently made a quilt for my brother inlaw to thank him for his service. It was a good feeling to give back.

  7. Sounds like the border is a hit. Hope the pink blocks turn into something just as lovely.

  8. Love your bow tie blocks. Hope you found a solution to the border question. Love all the blue and white hst's in that one.

  9. I love the border, I think you should go with it.