Sunday, August 4, 2013

Projects in Progress

Back in June Doreen at  Aunt Reen's Place was offering a Jelly Roll Sew Along.  I found a jelly roll in my stash Leaf Haven by Michelle D'Amore that I decided to sew along.  

Blocks cut out

Blocks sewn together 
Quilt being quilted 
I have half the quilting finished.  This really is a great sew along.
  This will be a wedding gift.
My  rainbow "red" block

I did mange to finish this I Spy Sudoku quilt for the hospital gift shop.


  1. Lots of pretty quilting going on there, Karen! Whoop whoop!

  2. Lots of progress being made there. Progress is my 'word' this year. I haven't made much progress this summer.

  3. Busy, busy. They all look great.

  4. I agree with Michele. They look great. I want to try a Sudoku quilt sometime.