Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Sewing Saturday

This quilt is almost finished.  It will be a gift for a very special secretary.  I still need to finish the binding and add the label before the end of April.

I have been working on my KT fabric block swap.  I have 13 blocks to make and I only have 5 more to make.  Here are two of them.


I decided I am going to work on making my stash disappear.  I found Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013 and each month you use a different color for your blocks.  This month is GREEN.  I have 14 four-patch blocks sewn and I will make them into 4-patch disappearing blocks.
Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. So glad you joined the RSC challenge. It is very fun. You have some great DP4 patches. Love your quilt at the top - very pretty.

  2. Great start on your disappearing stash plan. Lovely D4P blocks.

  3. I like your green blocks and I hope you love RSC as much I do!

  4. Love your quilt and what you have done with green. I, too, am trying to make my scraps and stash disappear so I can buy some new fabrics.

  5. Oh, the quilt for the secretary is wonderful. I love red, white and blue quilts. Your D4P quilt blocks are great too. I just finished my second D4P quilt for my granddaughters birthday. I'm working on my third one just because I had extra blocks and love the block so much. It's a great block to use scraps! The RSC is so fun to see what everyone is working on!

  6. What a pretty quilt! Good luck on busting the stash. The RSC sounds like a fun way to do it.