Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hands2Help Checking In

I sent my fabric to my swap partner Shannon. I know Shannon has received the fabric and already has plans for the quilt. I know I will received her fabric this week. I can't wait to see what Shannon has sent so I can decide what pattern to use.

I have been working on my Orange Monochromatic Challenger over at Judy's. I have all the blocks sewn together. I am working on the strips. I hope to have them finished by Friday.

A random fact about myself is I am left handed. By being left handed it takes me a little longer to figure out how to use the rulers. I turn the ruler many times before I cut the fabric. I always try to remember to measure twice and cut once.

Blessings, Karen


  1. Glad to see someone else working on the Orange Challenge -- I love Orange. My hubby is also left handed and smart as a whip.

  2. I was snipping some batting with my left hand the other day and it occurred to me that most sewing tools ARE for right handed folks. However, I am right handed and I still have to measure 2x and cut once.... and sometimes measure just once more. Looking forward to the H2H Challenge with everyone.

  3. Thanks for the H2H update - sounds like you're ready to jump right in when your fabric gets there! And I agree with BunkHouseQuilts - I always measure twice and cut once, too!! So it's not just lefties!

  4. Welcome to Blogging!
    It is lots of fun and you get to communicate with people you would never meet otherwise!
    Take care, Leslie