Monday, August 3, 2015

August Already

Normally the first of August is a crazy stressful time for me.  But I retired July 1.  My new stress is when can I sew all the quilts that are on my someday list.  Here are some of them that I have been sewing.
The tumbler quilt is now a flimsy.  It will be given to a veteran.  
This flimsy will be given to a friend who does many things for others. I love these Pat Sloan fabrics.
I am making progress on my rainbow house blocks.  Here are two houses using the August  rainbow color of indigo.  I haven't found any true indigo color but I am counting these as indigo.

I now have 30 houses.  I need many more house blocks to make a quilt.  It looks like I need some more purple, pink, and green houses.

I am finally sewing on my flowering snowball quilt again  Half the rows are sewn together.  I love this quilt.   I usually give quilts away but not this quilt.

Don't you love it?


  1. All your creations are lovel, but I do love those flowering snowball blocks! I've done similar blocks, but they didn't have the tiny little square in the center. Have a great week! Happy retirement! XO

  2. Congrats on your retirement! Glad you have so much more time to make beautiful quilts. Your houses are really fun. Your FS quilt is going to be gorgeous, glad you are keeping it...

  3. Gosh, you have a lot of quilts in progress! I love the house blocks. They will make a fun quilt.

  4. Oh I totally understand. I have several quilts in progress too. I am looking forward to retirement in 21 years!!! Love your houses :-)
    Sew Preeti Quilts

  5. LOVE your little house blocks : )