Sunday, February 2, 2014

February is Pink

A new month and a new color for the rainbow block challenge 2014.
16 patch blocks
The larger block will be added to my Good Night Irene quilt 

These happy blocks I am going to use for my H2H 2104 challenge quilt
Sarah is just starting on H2H challenge so keep watching for the challenge to begin.

I am still working on some blocks for a blue quilt.


  1. Such cute 16 patches. What a difference size makes! Looks like you already have a great start on pink, even if you are still finishing up the blue.

  2. You are doing good making pink blocks - 5 done in 1.5 days. Sarah is such a great lady, she is a real inspiration to me.

  3. Those are cute!! The little one is tiny!

  4. Almost H2H challenge time again? Boy, time flies. I had better start thinking of what I will do...maybe quilt up some of the donation quilts I have laying around. The pink happy blocks are cute. How can you not be happy with happy blocks around?

  5. Lots of great pink scraps you've used up there.

  6. What beautiful pink blocks you have made.