Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Plan B Quilt

I bought this Bear Hugs Jelly Roll from The Quilt Corner thinking I could make a baby quilt.  It only has 20 strips so I am thinking my jelly roll quilt will be half the size.  Great!   Perfect size for a baby quilt. 

I sewed my strips together and this is what I got.  Strips going up and down instead of sideways.  So I regrouped and went to PLAN B.  I added borders.

 If you look at the  picture the bears are sideways. 
After the day I have had they look normal to me.
What I see is a bright, cheery little girls quilt.

What do you see?



  1. Babies don't have knowledge of what way a bear looks, or that it's even a bear. They are about comfort or not, and color is all they will perceive. Your quilt is lovely and just right for a little girl.

  2. I see a cute and bright girl quilt. She will love it and have fun looking at the bears. The direction will not matter to her.

    blessings, jill
    visiting from lilysquilts

  3. I see a bright, cheery little girl's quilt, and I'm absolutely certain a little one is not going to give one hoot about which way the bears are facing - she's just going to love finding them there! :D The border color is gorgeous with the set of strips you used.

  4. I agree! It's a beautiful quilt, lovely colors, and don't bears tend to lay on their sides? At least, little girls' bears? Whoop whoop!!!

  5. I see a cute baby quilt. The baby will eventually start to crawl all over it and will not lay still so the direction of the bears won´t matter at all.