Saturday, February 11, 2012

Special Quilt

I have been sewing on this special quilt. I belong to a Yahoo Group and one of group members has a brain tumor and is going to have surgery. We issued a request for blocks and 25 women from around the world answered our request. Most of the blocks have words of encouragement written on the blocks. This picture does not begin to show the beautiful of the quilt. I believe this quilt will bring the receiver peace, love, and comfort. I will be mailing the quilt to another member of the group and she will do the quilting. The quilt is a surprise. I had an extra block so I made her a pocket prayer quilt. I have tied 25 prayers for her.

Don't you agree, it is a very special quilt?



  1. That is very beautiful, and I'm sure will be a great comfort to her!

  2. This is a wonderful quilt. I am sure it will mean so much to the recipient, and give her comfort.

  3. what a wonderful way to show your love and support, every time she looks at the quilt she will see a diferent message xx well done to all of you xx